Brands and companies

Local and global brands in collaboration to support the digital transformation and energy transition in a constantly changing world.

We are today a significant part of VINCI Energies operations in Sweden. Below you will find a brief description of all companies within Eitech and the connection to the local and global brands within VINCI Energies.

Eitech AB (org. no. 556730-9637) and Eitech Electro AB ( 556469-0732) is the companies where the Group's installation and construction operations are accommodated. It also includes employees for the Group's common functions such as IT, Administration & Finance, HR, QHSE (Quality Health Safety and Environment) and Communication.

Eitech Engineering AB ( 556327-4314). Eitech's power and rail operations operate under the Omexom brand since January 2019. 

Eitech International AB ( 559039-8433) is Eitech's company for carrying out projects abroad, in cooperation with our partners and customers. 

INAC Process AB (org. no. 556675-2332). Big parts of Eitech's Instrument assembly operations are run through the company INAC Process AB. INAC is a well-known and established brand within installation and delivery of systems and instruments to industrial and process facilities.

VINCI Energies brands in Sweden.

In a constantly changing world, VINCI Energies offers services that support development in the areas of digitization and energy conversion.

In Sweden, the global brands are Actemium, Axians and Omexom

The local ones are: Eitech, INAC Process and Emi Lundgren

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