Corporate culture

Our strong corporate culture and values are summarized in six guiding principles that underpin our strategies and contributes to our success and our desire to make a difference.

Committed:  Our commitment is critical to our good efforts and shows that we are motivated to carry out our missions and to inspire everyone around us every day.

Advantageous:  We are cost-effective in our daily work. Our customers should experience working with us as an advantageous investment in skill and development.” 

Customer focused: We create value for our customers, solve their challenges and give "a little more". By proximity, involvement and open dialogue, we ensure to fulfil what we promise our customers.

Long termed:  We think in long term in all relationships with the society and how our work affects the environment.

Innovative: We have the will and the energy to make it better every day. We are keen to look for opportunities for improvement and new solutions to small and large challenges for our customers and internally.

Performing: We are all determined to do our utmost to carry out plans and projects, and to deliver the agreed quality at the right time with the expected result.

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