Eitech is an important player within electrical engineering with strong local anchoring in all of Sweden, and with that comes a major social responsibility. 

Many of the employees within the Eitech group has been in business since the start in 1994, under the brand El & Industrimontage (EIAB). At that time, the company featured a clearly delegated responsibility and strong local community involvement in the places where the company became established. The company has always cooperated well with schools and trained apprentices and trainees, sponsored local youth sports, cultural events and promoted local business and its suppliers.

In 2002, efforts were made to strengthen the environmental area within the business, resulting in an ISO 14001 certification and an ISO 9001 quality certification. In connection with this work, the company's policies were shaped and are, with minor changes still valid today. E.g. Equality, Discrimination, Ethics, Environment, Security, Working Environment, and Purchasing policies.

In the environment area, it is for Eitech's part particularly about improving the fleet of vehicles, streamlining tours and logistics solutions, choosing sustainable technical solutions, maintaining natural resources, handling chemical products and hazardous waste properly. In addition to this, we choose suppliers with a good environmental profile. We focus on working systematically regarding risk management with our clients´ affected processes.

In 2006, the company's code of conduct was launched, based on the UN Global Compact 2000. The code addresses all the Group's employees and our suppliers.

In connection with the change of ownership in 2016, when the brand Eitech was formed, a compliance project took place. Which, in turn, strengthened the sustainability efforts through clearer and more comprehensive control documents for these parts. Eitech today supports ÖMK (Agreement on Bribes and Corruption in the Real Estate and Construction Industry) and has the same requirements for its subcontractors and other significant suppliers. In addition to this, there is a whistle-blower tool that contributes to the possibility of anonymous reporting of maladministration.


Contact Sustainability Olle Åberg, HR-manager
+46 90 15 54 44

Eitech is a strongly customer-oriented company and works closely with the customer and usually at the customer’s site. This means that we comply with our customers' demands, and in the field of sustainability, one of our largest customers is the Swedish Transport Administration, far ahead in terms of requirements and monitoring of compliance.

Eitech's operations contributes positively in sustainability when we join and build new and efficient infrastructure for roads, rail, power supply and data traffic. Eitech is also involved in making industrial processes and large real estate more energy effective.

Eitech works for workplaces without accidents or ill health, e.g. by having an annual safety week with different themes that permeate the business.

Eitech is connected to and follows a number of collective agreements and we primarily employ subcontractors with collective agreements. Our subcontractor agreements contain sustainability requirements.

In addition to local sponsorship, Eitech annually support activities with great social commitment, such as the Nature Conservation Association, UNHCR and the World Nature Foundation.