Power Plants

With technical competence and a big commitment Eitech renews, streamlines and builds varying power plants for up to 400 kV. 

Eitech can assist you with everything from turnkey power plants through wind farms and hydro power plants to technical solutions for power distribution that improve accessibility and ensures a future sustainable Swedish electricity supply.

Our power engineers and technicians have specialist competence in areas such as power production, transmission, distribution and power supply to the base industry and the railway sector. 

Within Eitech we also have expertise in electromechanical construction – from foundation to steel constructions. Our high-voltage technicians work with everything from steel mounting, assembly of high voltage devices and breakdown planning.

The engineers’ competences are seasoned with an installer staff, who has long experience of installing and connecting as well as to interconnect the grid via air or gas insulated switchgear. Installation and connection of medium voltage switchgear and transformers are also included in our commitments.

Prior to each assignment Eitech puts together a project group that include project managers, engineers, designers and installers who are then responsible for all phases of a power plant project, from design and construction to testing and commissioning.