Project Completeness

Projects are not just models, systems, products and technical solutions. Projects are first and foremost people and interaction. Success in efficacious projects is about the art of building long-term and positive relationships as well as evolving creative and safe project environments. 

Regardless the size and technical challenge of the assignment, the basis for our part is always the objectives, requirements, plans and procedures available for each individual project. And based of these conditions, we choose for example project form, execution, work process and control and monitoring, where we use our proprietary business management system that is certified according to SS-EN ISO 9001 and SS-EN ISO 14001.

With our experience, competence and good governance we at Eitech are recognized as talented at achieving complex projects with high technical requirements based on the varying demands of many stakeholders. We have the competence and resources for overall solutions. With complete solutions, we mean everything from design, construction, production, assembly and delivery to management and maintenance. 

Something we call project completeness.   


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Overall project goals

Eitech should always deliver the right functionality, at the right time and at the right cost with the quality requested and stated in the contract.