Project Control

Eitech has over the years established clear project processes, both governing, supporting and monitoring, which we follow irrespectively of the size and technical scope of the assignment. 

Processes and activities, we govern, handle and document in our proprietary ISO certified business management system. Our system also integrates important components such as safety, work environment, quality and environment, which together with the project control results in great benefits for our customers, employees and partners.  

In order to achieve the common objectives of the project, good planning is required regarding time, staff, purchasing / delivery, total economy, self-inspection, inspections, etc. Parts that are obvious to us to handle and follow up regularly and to coordinate with other actors. 

We place high demands on our subcontractors and suppliers to ensure that we get the quality and delivery reliability that the project requires, of course with timing and project economy in focus.  


Example of project plans that are established, implemented and followed up:

- Implementation Plan and Partial Implementation Plans
- Quality- and the environment plan
- Risk management and work environment plan
- Organization- and resource plan
- Billing- and budget plan 
- Production and detail plans  
- Testing and control program and control plan 
- Documentation plans