Workshop Production

In Umeå Eitech has a well-equipped electromechanical workshop with experience and expertise for most installation assignments. The workshop works according to LEAN Production and assignments include projects that Eitech is responsible for, external assignments and contracted works. The deliveries concern customized solutions for low voltage switchgear, electrical central and appliance and control cabinets.

In Arboga there is a workshop that is now part of the Omexom brand. It design and build cost-effective and complete cabinets, kiosks and technology buildings for the rail-road segment. 

The workshop is specialized for production of, among other things 
- technology buildings for electricity, signal and telecommunications
- cabinets and shelters for power and signal switch gear
- kiosks for line blocking
- Installation of communication equipment in technology buildings and kiosks
- Installation of radio systems in technology buildings etc.
- Installation of cabinet for remote control


Contact Workshop Production Ulf Lundqvist, Production Manager Umeå
+46 90 15 46 72

Stefan Köhler, Production Manager Omexom Arboga
+46 589 883 49

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