Service and maintenance

Stoppages and disturbances can be very costly if they occur. Systems for planned and preventive maintenance are thus the key to optimal functioning at the lowest cost over time.

Our goal is to identify, with the customer, requirements and appropriate service plans suitable for the plant. Important parameters include accessibility, function, energy use and economy. 

Eitech's service electricians, with good experience, also from standard construction projects, can assist with tests and inspections to check and verify the operation and safety of the facility. Thanks to a strong local presence, committed employees and a broad service portfolio that include most of our specialist areas, we are a service partner to rely on. 

24 hours a day, seven days a week if desired.


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Eitech's service electricians assists with services including:

- General electrical and lighting installations 
- Instrument and process assembly
- Telecom and data communication
- Safety (E.g. Fire Alarm, Burglar alarm, CCTV and Passage system)